Gender and development advocacy is an integral component of the development of any modern society. Gender responsive good governance may be achieved only through transparency, participatory, equitable and gender-responsive policies.

Gender mainstreaming of the plans and programs of each department is necessary to facilitate the creation of equal growth opportunities for all men and women in the government corporate workforce. An assurance that men and women receive equal pay and treatment for equal work and on ensuring the protection of the rights of women is critical to national development.

PSALM's Commitment

  • Pursue the privatization and liability management mandates, judiciously considering the betterment of the energy sector, the stakeholders, and the public with a gender sensitive thrust;
  • Support the government's earnest efforts in the promotion, protection, and fulfillment of human rights to enable women and men to contribute to and benefit equally from development
  • Synergize the agency's corporate gender and development thrust with that of the private sector.
  • Learn and cascade the importance of gender equality as an integral part of business growth and national development.
  • Motivate stakeholders, management, employees, and the communities in pursuit of empowering our citizenry to become valuable stakeholders in nation-building and development through gender programs.