Real Estate Assets (REA)

In addition to the power assets, the EPIRA also directed PSALM to take ownership and implement a sale or privatization program for the real estate and all other disposable assets.

Real Estate Properties

PSALM has real estate assets with an aggregated land area of around 100 million square meters (sqm), consisting of 6,160 lots located in various parts of the country. Around 60% of the total land area is located in Luzon, 39% in Mindanao and the remaining 1% is in the Visayas.

PSALM’s Real Estate Properties Per Location

Location Area (sqm) Number of Lots
Luzon 59,821,616 4,771
Visayas 1,357,169 105
Mindanao 39,260,003 1,284
Total 100,438,788 6,160

Privatized / Disposed REAs: 1,784 lots = 1,071.04 has.

Bataan CC Land (29.42 has.)
Batangas CFTPP Land (40.42 has.)
Magat HEPP Land (5.59 has.)
Masinloc CFTPP Land (119.45 has.)
Pantabangan HEPP Land (7.55 has.)
Bauang DPP Land–with PGLU (26.13 has.)
Laoag Land (0.35 ha.)
Naga Bicol Land (0.019 ha.)
Tiwi LLA ( 368.4 has.)
San Roque HEPP (0.886 ha.)
Makban LLA (176.1 has.)
Malaya TPP Land (26.28 has.)
Paco-Manila Property ( 2.10 has.)
Bataan Properties ( 13.9 has.)
Ilijan Land LLA (26.66 has.)
Batangas CFTPP LLA (109.98 has.)
Masinloc LLA (18.6 has.)
Camalaniugan Property (0.21 ha.) Maibarara LLA (4.91 has.)
Puerto Azul (0.017 ha.)
Sudipen Property (0.165 has.)
Sucat Property (11 has.)
Cebu DPP Land (10.94 has.)
Naga Cebu Land (0.76 has.)
Naga Cebu LLA ( 31.84 has.)
Bohol DPP Land (2.75 has.)
Palinpinon LLA (2.9 has.)
Loboc Property (1.32 has.)
Panay LLA (16.8 has.)
Aplaya Land (13.93 has.)
Agusan Property (1.06 has.)
Maco Property (0.16 has.)
Nasipit Property (0.34 has.)
Agus 5 Property (0.0048 has.)

Excluded Assets and Other Disposable Assets

PSALM disposed of the following excluded assets from sold plants such as spare parts, equipment, scrap materials, and other disposable items:

Assets/Package Location
1. Unserviceable Assets, Junk and Scrap Materials (formerly Package 2) Kalayaan Pumped Storage Power Plant (KPSPP) Kalayaan, Laguna and Caliraya Hydroelectric Power Plant (CHEPP) Caliraya, Lumban, Laguna
2. Unserviceable Structures and Equipment of the Malaya Gas Turbine Units Malaya Thermal Power Plant in Brgy. Malaya, Pililla, Rizal