Universal Charge
Administration of Universal Charge

Lighting the countryside: PSALM continues to significantly contribute to government efforts to provide a steady and reliable supply of electricity in the country's far-flung areas.

Communities in these areas get much-needed electric power through PSALM’s prudent management and disposal of the collections from the Universal Charge (UC) for Missionary Electrification (UC-ME).

A non-bypassable charge mandated under Section 34 of the EPIRA, the UC is imposed on electricity consumers for the following purposes:

  1. Missionary electrification;
  2. Payment for stranded debts and stranded contract costs;
  3. An environmental charge for watershed rehabilitation and management;
  4. Equalization of taxes and royalties applied to indigenous or renewable sources of energy vis-à-vis imported energy fuels; and
  5. A charge to account for all forms of cross-subsidies.

At present, only the UC-ME and the UC for Environment and Watershed Rehabilitation and Management (UC-EWRM) amounting to PhP0.0025 per kilowatt-hour are imposed on and are being collected from electricity consumers.

The UC is collected monthly by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines and the distribution utilities based on the approval of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC). The collections are remitted to PSALM every 15th of the following month.

I. Universal Charge (UC) Administration

  • A. Universal Charge Remittances, Interests & Disbursements

    As of 31 March 2024, remittances of collecting entities (CEs) to PSALM amounted to PHP271.995 billion, while interest earnings from deposits and placements of UC funds amounted to PHP0.371 billion. On the other hand, UC fund disbursements amounted to PHP270.641 billion. Below are the details of UC remittances, interests, and disbursements:

    Universal Charge Remittances, Interests and Disbursements
    As of 301 March 2024 (In PHP Billion)

    Particulars Remittances 1/ Interest Disbursements 2/
    Special Trust Funds: Missionary Electrification (ME) - NPC SPUG 165.008 0.045 165.045
    ME - Renewable Energy Developer Cash Incentive (REDCI) 1.424 0.042 1.230
    Environmental Charge (EC) 3/ 2.565 0.192 1.985
    Stranded Contract Cost (SCC)4/ 80.989 0.090 80.393
    Stranded Debts 21.987 0.002 21.988
    Total 271.995 0.371 270.641

    1/ Based on the Summary of Remittances, balance includes CEs’ remittances during the period 16-31 March 2024 which were deposited to the Main Trust Account (MTA) but will be transferred to each STF not later than 22 April 2024, pursuant to Section 7(c) of the ERC -approved Guidelines and Procedures Governing Remittances and Disbursements of the Universal Charge (UC Guidelines as amended.
    2/ ME-NPC SPUG includes disbursement to ORMECO, Inc. in the total amount of PHP40,442,954.47, for the recovery of fuel costs chargeable against the UC-ME fund, pursuant to ERC Orders dated 16 June 2014 and 24 September 2014 covering ERC case No. 2013-191RC.

    The following disbursements/fund transfers were made from the respective UC Special Trust Fund (STF):

    1. UC-ME (NPC-SPUG) and EC

      • PHP165.045 billion and PHP1.985 billion were disbursed to NPC, chargeable against the UC-ME and EC fund, respectively, in accordance with the provisions of the EPIRA and the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) decisions/orders.
    2. UC-SCC and UC-SD

      • PHP80.393 billion and PHP21.988 billion were transferred from the UC-SCC and UC-SD STF accounts to PSALM’s UC-SCC and UC-SD Special Fund Accounts (SFA), following the PSALM Board-approved Guidelines and Procedures on Disbursement and Utilization of UC-SCC and UC-SD of NPC.
    3. ME-REDCI

      • Cash Incentives totaling PHP1.230 billion was paid to the following renewable energy (RE) developers, in accordance with the ERC-approved Rules to Govern the Availment and Disbursement of Cash Incentive to RE Developers Operating in Missionary Areas:
      • RE Developers Disbursed Amount(PHP)
        ORMECO for the 2.1 MW Linao Cawayan Mini-Hydro Power Plant (LCMHPP) 0.133
        Ormin Power Incorporated 0.468
        Philippine Hybrid Energy Systems (PHESI) 0.293
        Romblon Electric Cooperative, Inc. (ROMELCO) for the 900 kW Cantingas Mini Hydro Power Plant Corporation (CHPC) 0.110
        Sunwest Water and Electric Co. (SUWECO) for the 1.5 MW Hitoma 1 & 2.1 MW Solong Hydroelectric Power Plants 0.223
        STEC 0.003
        TOTAL 1.230

    4. B. Update on UC Imposition on Self-Generation Facilities (SGFs)s

      • No Updates

VI. Effective Rates

    A. Updates on ERC-Approved UC Rates

    The table below shows the ERC-approved UC rates being implemented as of 31 March 2024:

    ERC-Approved UC Rates
    Type UC Rate (In PhP/kWh)
    Basic UC-ME
    True Up (CY 2012)
    True Up (CY 2013)
    True Up (CY 2014)
    ME – REDCI 0.0017
    EC 0.0000
    SCC 0.0000
    SD 0.0428
    Total UC 0.2922

    B. NPC’s Effective Rates

    The NPC’s effective rates* for the billing period March 2024 are as follows:

    Components Rates (PHP/kWh)
    Luzon Visayas Mindanao
    BGC 4.3648 3.7255 2.8177
    FBHC 0.0245 0.0177 0.0282
    Total Basic Rate 4.3893 3.7432 2.8459
    Add: Adjustments
    FPPCA** 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000
    FxA** 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000
    Effective Rate* 4.3893 3.7432 2.8459
    Add: Prior Years’ adjustment In PHP value specific for each customer covered during the period
    10th – 17th GRAM Covers cost adjustments for October 2008 – February 2010 Covers cost adjustments for January 2007 – February 2010 Covers cost adjustments for January 2007 – February 2010
    15th – 16th ICERA Covers cost adjustments for July 2009 – February 2010
    1st – 5th TAFPPC Covers cost adjustments for March 2010 – December 2014
    1st – 5th TAFxA Covers cost adjustments for March 2010 – December 2014

    * Effective Rate is the sum of the Basic Generation Rate, Franchise & Benefits to Host Communities and adjustments such as the GRAM and ICERA DAA and the FPPCA and FxA under the ACRM.
    **Zero (0) FPPCA and FxA is in accordance with the ERC Order dated 28 June 2016 under ERC Case No. 2008-019

    In addition to the above rates, PSALM resumed implementation of the 10th to 17th GRAM and 15th to 16th ICERA to customers covered by the test period effective January 2018 billing period in accordance with ERC Order dated 19 December 2017 under ERC Case Nos. 2008-042 RC, 2008-053 RC, 2008-063 RC, 2009-056 RC, 2010-003 RC, 2010-068 RC, 2010-067 RC, and 2010-073 RC.