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The Organization: Functional Groups

PSALM is divided into five functional groups namely:

Office of the President and CEO (OPCEO)

The OP is headed by the PSALM President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who assumes accountability for the overall performance of the Corporation to the President of the Philippines, the DOE, the PSALM Board and the public. It oversees the formulation, development, implementation and monitoring of corporate strategic and operational/action plans in accordance with the charter, the legislative agenda and its business viability.

Asset Management Group (AMG)

The AMG, headed by a Vice President, exercises direct supervision and control over asset valuation and disposal, electricity trading, IPP/IPPA contract administration and asset operations monitoring and maintenance. The AMG takes the lead in the privatization and management of assets from asset preparation, packaging, conduct of bidding, award of contract and contract monitoring to the trading of electricity output of the NPC-contracted capacities in the electricity spot market. AMG’s functions on the operation and maintenance of generation assets through the NPC include the formulation and setting of plant performance evaluation standards/targets/measures, conduct of plant audit, and the monitoring and assessment of plant performance with respect to agreed upon standards and targets.

Finance Group (FG)

The Finance Group, headed by a Vice President, manages and safeguards the Corporation’s financial resources and obligations. It is in charge of developing and maintaining an effective and efficient accounting system for the Corporation, prepares the financial statements, financial management reports, financial research and analysis, fund management and other treasury-related matters, and, UC administration. It also oversees the formulation, evaluation, and implementation of financing plans, policies, transactions, and instruments to efficiently manage PSALM’s liabilities and risks, as well as the development of financial valuation for generation assets, and the application and administration of generation tariff and UC-SCC and SD.

Office of the General Counsel (OGC)

The OGC is headed by a Vice President who will also be PSALM’s General Counsel. This Group handles all legal transactions arising from the privatization process, restructuring of the electricity industry, asset rights and titling, and implementation of the EPIRA. It also provides legal advice to, among others, management contracts, taxation, litigation and other internal services essential to the operation of PSALM.

Corporate Social Responsibility Group (CSRG)

The CSRG, with a Vice President as its head, implements programs in line with the corporate mission towards caring for the environment and the affected communities where the generating plants are located. It formulates advocacy campaigns to promote public awareness on matters related to the operations of PSALM.

Collectively, the heads of the five (5) functional groups comprise PSALM’s Management Committee (ManCom).