Real Estate Assets (REA)
Land Classification Land Area (has.) No. of Lots
1. Underlying Sold Power Plants 118.09 83
2. Underlying Remaining Power Plants - -
3. Underlying Decommissioned Power Plants 22.10 13
4. Underlying IPP Plants with IPPA 382.37 551
5. Underlying IPP Plants not yet privatized - -
6. In Various Locations 124.30 210
Grand Total 646.87 857*


  • Based on NPC-PSALM Reconciled Masterlist of REAs transferred from NPC to PSALM dated 04 October 2021
  • Privatization Universe which considers all the REAs from the NPC-PSALM Reconciled Masterlist except for the following:
    1. a. lots underlying by Agus-Pulangi HEPPs in view of the plants rehabilitation projects;
    2. b. lots underlying by IPP Plants expiring beyond June 2026 (i.e., San Roque HEPP);
    3. c. lots in locations covered by Presidential Proclamation;
    4. d. lots occupied by transmission assets;
    5. e. lots under foreshore lease agreement with DENR and similar arrangements; and
    6. f. lots used of Public Roads
  • Based on privatization/disposal accomplishments as of 31 July 2022.
  • Of the 857 lots, 70 lots are targeted for 2022 and 10 lots are targeted for disposal in 2023, 263 have ownership documents turned over from NPC to PSALM. The remaining 584 lots are still subject to asset registration/titling process of NPC.