Gender and Development Activity

PSALM’s Gender and Development-Focal Point System (GAD-FPS) attends Environmental Safety Training and Pulangi Power Plant Tour as part of yearly gender and development initiatives

From 09-13 October 2023, PSALM’s GAD-FPS attended the Environmental Safety Training conducted at the National Power Corporation-Mindanao Generation (NPC-MinGen) Headquarters in Iligan City and Pulangi Hydroelectric Power Plant (HEPP) Tour in Maramag, Bukidnon. MinGen officials and a resource speaker from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources facilitated GAD-FPS members throughout the conduct of the two activities meant for the immersion of the women folk and young students from indigenous communities residing in the vicinity of the Pulangi HEPP complex. All participants were officially welcomed by the Vice President for NPC-MinGen, Mr. Larry I. Sabellina, and Plant Manager, Mr. Albert O. Antonio.


After the power plant tour, the students were brought to the Pulangui Social Hall for an orientation with the functions and mechanical processes of a hydroelectric power plant. The indigenous students were taught proper waste management as precondition to maintaining a clean and ecologically balanced environment within the Pulangui HEPP.


A Career Development Orientation was also conducted for the 32 indigenous senior high school students of Mindanao Tribal School, Inc. located at Barangay Panagtalan, Maramag, Bukidnon. At the finale of the orientation, Mr. Sabellina encouraged the students to obtain good education as means to attaining their aspirations. “Being an indigenous people does not make them inferior to others in the mainstream society. They are equal with the rest of us,” Mr. Sabellina said.


As a gesture of gratitude, the Manobo students performed a special number composed of two courtship dances, Kuglong-Saluray and Binanog, a dance which mimics the hawk’s flight, and one ritual healing dance locally known as Binaylan. These tribal dances were performed with instrumental accompaniment from the students’ Talahari Band.