Financial Management
Privatization Proceeds Generation, Collection and Utilization

PSALM’s privatization efforts generated a total of PHP916.617 billion as of 31 March 2023. Of this amount, actual collection amounted to PHP732.044 billion.

Privatization Proceeds Generation and Collection
As of 31 March 2023
(In PHP Billion)

Assets Financial Bids Collected
Generating Power Plants 164.029 164.029
IPPA Administration 482.499 363.606
Transmission Concession 260.543 194.863
Decommissioned Plants    0.524    0.524
Other Assets/Priva-Related     9.022     9.022
Total 916.617 732.044

For the generating assets, the amount generated consists of financial bids based on Schedule C of the Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) and interest earned from deferred payments while for IPPA Appointments, the amount generated consists of monthly payments and generation fees under the IPP Administration Agreements.

For the TransCo Concession Fee, the amount generated is net of the final adjustment to Project Under Construction (PUC) and Initial Working Capital (IWC).

Total collections of PHP732.044 billion as of March 2023, were exclusively utilized for the liquidation of financial obligations amounting to PHP728.01 billion..

Privatization Proceeds Utilization
As of 31 March 2023
(In PHP Billion)

Utilization Amount
(In PHP Billion)
Debt Prepayment   57.62
Regular Debt Service 464.59
BOT Lease Obligations 205.79
  Subtotal 728.01
Other Privatization-Related Expenses    4.82
  Total 732.82

USD1:PHP54.429 (BSP Guiding Rate dated 31 March 2023)