Corporate Social Responsibility

PSALM provides new livelihood opportunity for Estancia residents

Thanks to PSALM’s CSR-GAD livelihood project, residents of Estancia in Iloilo Province now have a new source of income: tailoring.


PSALM launched the training on basic dressmaking and tailoring in March, where the company provided the basic sewing equipment that the trainees would need, among them; sewing machines, sewing kits, and ironing sets. The training is part of PSALM’s gender-responsive social recovery program for Estancia which, in 2013, was struck by Super Typhoon Yolanda.


From initial high of 25, the volunteer trainees were trimmed down to 12 ― 10 housewives, a construction worker, and a student ― after undergoing a rigorous five-week training, which involved familiarization with the sewing machine and basic troubleshooting, making body measurements, preparing patterns, and the actual cutting and sewing of garments.


Program supervisors said most of the trainees really had to start from scratch in learning the craft. For others, it was even their first time to use a tape measure, unaware of how to read the parts of an inch.


While iffy at first, the trainees showed their perseverance and determination, ignoring coffee breaks at times and eating late for lunch, trying very hard to learn the right techniques of cutting and sewing.


Growing in confidence with their newfound skills, the participants got their break even before their graduation, after Municipality Administrator Geronima Cordero gave the team their first job order: table napkins. Satisfied with the output, Ms. Cordero committed another job order for the group, the sewing of seat covers for use in functions by the municipal government.


The graduates soon progressed to making a variety of clothes such as sportswear, and full uniforms for girls (blouses and skirts) and boys (polo and pants/shorts). And on 02 June 2015, PSALM together with local officials held a simple commencement exercise for the 12 graduates, wherein they to enhance their skills even more and ever grateful for the opportunity to augment their family income.