Corporate Social Responsibility

PSALM addresses workplace bullying

Contrary to what most people believe, bullying does not stop when you step out of the four walls of the classroom but is as prevalent in one’s adult life—particularly in the workplace. More often than not, bullying tends to be ignored than confronted which leads to negative effects on employees’ well-being, productivity, and eventually, work performance.


In its effort to improve its office environment, PSALM’s Corporate Social Responsibility Group, in cooperation with its Human Resource Division, invited psychologist Dr. Pricila Buzon-Marzan to shed light on the issue of workplace bullying.


Dr. Marzan outlined the adverse effects of bullying in the workplace on both the workers and the organization, ways to recognize the signs of bullying and why it happens, roles of management and employees in recognizing, controlling and preventing it, and the tools to assist the victim of bullying.


Institutions have the legal and moral obligation to safeguard employees from harassment and bullying through promotion of positive work culture, management of workplace stressors, and administration of sound workplace policies.