Corporate Social Responsibility

2018 PSALM Medical Mission: A beacon of hope for Cavinti, Laguna dwellers

64-year Agapita dela Torre lined up early to avail of the services offered in a medical mission that PSALM Corporate Social Responsibility and Gender and Development (CSR-GAD) spearheaded on 06 October 2018 in Barangay Paowin, Cavinti, a 3rd- class Municipality in the province of Laguna.

For a year now, the debilitating pain in her lower back spreading down her legs has been hindering her from doing her everyday tasks. A buri hat weaver, Nanay Agapita profusely thanked PSALM for the free consultation, laboratory, and medicines it offered and the doctors it brought to the barangay, a poor far-flung place devoid of medical services. Without other options at hand, she would have resigned to enduring the pain incessantly if not for the medical mission that responded to her needs.

Nanay Agapita was one of the recipients of this year’s medical mission in partnership with the Armed Forces of the Philippines Reserve Command Civil Military Affairs Brigade Headquarters and Headquarters Support Group. The medical mission drew 366 recipients from all ages—children, middle aged, and seniors – all in dire need of consulting a doctor and availing medical treatment.

PSALM’s medical mission, starting 2014, has been in partnership with AFP Reserve Command led by Dr. Joselito Vital-Head-Medical Corps. AFP has been providing doctors and security needed. This year, the medical mission was again extensive with the inclusion of laboratory services that Medical Technologist Cynthia R. Maranan provided.    

For its part, PSALM gathered 37 volunteer-employees who assisted the doctors—taking note of patient information, medical history, and vital signs; dispatching of free medicines and reading glasses; cleaning of dental paraphernalia; and ensuring ease of processing and order.

One of the volunteers, PSALM Vice-President for Finance, Lourdes S. Alzona, said that the medical mission provided her self-fulfillment and helped her actualize the concept of “social service” in a modest way. Laguna is where PSALM’s Caliraya-Botocan-Kalayaan Hydroelectric Power Plant Complex is situated. 

PSALM’s medical mission is fueled by its unwavering commitment to give back to the community through health services – a bright beacon of hope for the underserved and forgotten.