Corporate Social Responsibility

Sagrada Familia Elementary School – Hagonoy, Bulacan

Sagrada Familia Elementary School will always be sacred in the heart of Asset Operation, Monitoring and Maintenance Department Power Management Specialist and pure Bulakenyo Bert Santiago.

Not only is Sir Bert a product of this humble public primary school located in Hagonoy – the home town of renowned Senator Blas Ople - this was where love first came his way. Sir Bert very well remembers that it was in Grade 5 at Sagrada when he had his first crush, whom he lovingly pursued ala Francisco Balagtas to become his first girlfriend.

Surely, Sagrada will always bring fond memories to Sir Bert, and revisiting it and having the chance to give back to the same institution that had molded him will always be a welcome opportunity. On 20 February, together with some officemates, Sir Bert shared his heart out again to Sagrada, this time to its 442 enrollees through PSALM’s turnover of three (3) computer sets to strengthen the school’s IT capabilities.