Corporate Social Responsibility

Sugod Elementary School – Tiwi, Albay

Scenic Sugod Elementary School can be easily missed by its visitors, as the school requires a steep downhill decent from the main road. Nestled between the mountain and near the sea, it is the second home of a total of 400 primary pupils and 12 dedicated teachers overseeing their education.

Arriving at the area, the PSALM employees were treated to a simple but meaningful program prepared by Sugod students and teachers. Principal Nelson B. Billeza, who received the three (3) computer units, said PSALM’s kindhearted generosity was a great help to the computer education of the Sugod students. “I’m sure your gift will be very much appreciated. Thank you and more power to PSALM,” Mr. Billeza said.

As a gesture of gratitude, the school even prepared merienda for the PSALM employees, giving them a taste of the Bicol version of the halo-halo.