Corporate Social Responsibility

Putsan Elementary School – Tiwi, Albay

Putsan Elementary School is located just a few meters away from the Tiwi geothermal power plant, which was once owned by PSALM. Established in 1948, the school lies at the end of a small hilly road lined with clay pots and vessels, as pottery is the predominant livelihood of the quaint town.

AVDD 3 Power Management Specialist Julie Gonzales, who recommended the school, said she was approached by a former Tiwi municipal mayor Patria Gutierez who asked to consider Putsan and Sugod elementary school - another Tiwi-based public school - as recipients for PSALM’s computer transfer. Ms. Gutierez, who is also a former NPC employee, said Putsan was in dire need on computers as it only had one (1) computer set servicing the needs of a total of 231 students and seven (7) teachers.

An ecstatic Principal Geraldine C. Pongan, together with the rest of the faculty, warmly received the PSALM volunteers who turned over two (2) computer units to Putsan. “The computers from PSALM are a great tool in helping our students become competitive in today’s society,” said Ms. Pongan in sincere appreciation.