Corporate Social Responsibility

PSALM’s 1st Computer transfer for 2023

As part of the Corporation’s Social Responsibility endeavor, group of PSALM employees led by Administrative Services Division transferred the twenty-one (21) retired but functional desktop personal computers (PCs) to the Municipality of Gumaca, Province of Quezon, on 01-02 June 2023.


The desktop computers will be distributed to various schools in Gumaca, Quezon.  Honorable Councilor, Mr. Jan Carlo C. Mendoza said, “the transferred computers will play a big and positive impact in the enhancement and development of the future of their youth”.


The turnover and signing of acceptance documents were held during a simple program in the Municipal Office of the town of Gumaca, Province of Quezon.


PSALM has been delivering its social responsibilities through conducting computer transfers and donations as its regular CSR project since 2010.