Corporate Social Responsibility

A visit to the National Museum

As part of its social awareness initiative, the PSALM Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Group led 48 employees to the National Museum on 19 February 2016 in appreciating Filipino artistic brilliance. The visit coincided with the celebration of the National Arts Month with the theme, “Public Art, Art for All.”  


Results of a post-activity survey revealed that the visit was not just a bonding moment for officemates but also a fun way of adding up on their knowledge of Filipino cultural heritage. The visit proved to be an eye opener as visitors realized that nationalism is key to the protection and dissemination of Filipino legacy.


“I was in awe while staring at the Spoliarium and listening to the tour guide while explaining what inspired the artist in creating such an amazing work of art as well as the efforts made in order to restore and preserve this world-renowned masterpiece,” said Joan Madarieta, Executive Assistant at the Office of the President.


In the three-hour visit, the tour guide-staff delivered the National Museum’s mission and vision. The organization envisions a Filipino nation unified by a deep sense of pride in their common identity, cultural heritage and national patrimony.