PSALM conducts pre-bid conference for small-value real estate assets

16 Nov 2020

The Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corporation (PSALM) is calling on all interested bidders to attend the pre-bid conference scheduled on 17 November 2020 for its small-value real estate assets located in Bohol, General Santos City and Camalaniugan, Cagayan. This conference aims to address inquiries from interested parties and clarify concerns on the sale provisions of said land assets.

The bid opening for these assets is set on 02 December 2020 at PSALM’s office in Quezon City. The bidding for the said assets are separate and distinct from each other, but interested bidders may participate in one or more, or in all biddings projects. In case a bidder intends to participate in two or more bid projects, the bidder must submit a separate bid for each project. A winning bidder will be declared for each project. The bidding is open to individuals, sole proprietorships, cooperatives, corporations or partnerships. Bids may be submitted in person at the PSALM Office or via courier.

One of the assets that will be bid out is the Loboc property in the Province of Bohol, consisting of four (4) lots with a total land area of 13,204 square meters. The property is located near the scenic Loboc River which is a bustling tourist site in the province. The minimum bid price of for the Loboc property is PhP12,139,000.00,

Near the shoreline and in proximity to an industrial zone, the 1,868-square-meter Calumpang property in General Santos City is another asset that will be subject of the bidding. It is ideal for setting up small warehouses to cater to businesses in need of storage facilities for their goods. The minimum bid price for the Calumpang property is PhP10,974,500.00.

The lot in Camalaniugan in the Province of Cagayan, measures 2,148 square meters. This property is currently a substation of a distribution utility and located in an area where land development is of mixed use for residential and agricultural purposes. The minimum bid price for the Camalaniugan property is PhP3,222,000.00.

The opening and evaluation of bids for these real estate assets will be conducted at PSALM’s Office on the 24th Floor of Vertis North Corporate Center 1, North Avenue, Quezon City subject to compliance with PSALM COVID-19 related health and safety standards.

Interested parties can download the bidding package for the properties at the PSALM website ( Alternatively, electronic copies of the Bidding Packages may be sent by PSALM through electronic mail to interested parties. To be allowed further participation in the bidding process, an interested party must pay a non-refundable fee (the “Participation Fee”) in the following amounts, up to one (1) business day prior to bid submission deadline:

Project Reference No. Property Participation Fee (PHP)
PBAC-REA-PA-LP-2020-002-02 Loboc Property 12,500.00
PBAC-REA-PA-GSCP-2020-003-02 General Santos City Property 11,000.00
PBAC-REA-PA-CS-2020-011-02 Camalaniugan Property 4,000.00

Bidders will be notified of any changes in the Bidding Procedures through the issuance of Supplemental Bid Bulletins (SBB).

Revenues from the successful sale of PSALM land properties will be used to augment funds for the settlement of the Corporation’s assumed financial obligations.

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