PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Philippines wins consultancy bidding for appraisal of Malaya TPP and its underlying land

04 Jun 2019

After undergoing a long and arduous procurement process marked with two failed public biddings and four failed negotiated procurements, PSALM has finally engaged a consultancy firm for the valuation of the Malaya Thermal Power Plant (Malaya TPP) and its underlying land. On 04 March 2019, PwC Philippines scored highest among three competing consultancy firms during the negotiated procurement anchored on a Quality-Based Evaluation Procedure that PSALM conducted.

The criteria used in the bidding comprise 40% for experience of the consulting firm, 50% on qualifications of consultants and the remaining 10% allotted to approach and methodology.

As the winning principal consultant, PwC Philippines shall be responsible for the crafting of financial models and analyses to optimize value for the land and structures of Malaya TPP. The sub-consultant, Asian Appraisal Company, Inc. shall be responsible for appraising the land underlying the Malaya TPP and is bound by the same terms and obligations that apply to the principal consultant.

The PwC Philippines will present the results of its valuation to the Board of Directors of PSALM in August 2019 on the same day of the conduct of the public bidding for the Malaya TPP and its underlying land.

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