PSALM opens bidding for supply and delivery of oil-based fuel and lubricants for various power plants

13 May 2015

Through an Invitation to Bid (ITB) published on Thursday (07 May 2015), the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management (PSALM) Corporation has formally opened the bidding process for the supply and delivery of industrial fuel oil (IFO), industrial diesel oil (IDO), and engine lubricating oil (ELO) for its various power plants.

To be sourced through its CY 2015 Corporate Operating Budget, PSALM specified that the invitation shall involve seven (7) procurement projects with the following requirements:

1. Six (6) million liters of IFO for Power Barge (PB) 104, with an Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) of PhP130 million (PhP 130,220,771.00);
2. 1.5 million liters of IDO for the Malaya Thermal Power Plant (TPP), with an ABC of PhP41 million (PhP40,971,326.00);
3. 800,000 liters of IDO for PB 104, with an ABC of PhP22 million (PhP22,463,930.00);
4. 60,000 liters of IDO for the Southern Philippines Power Corporation (SPPC), with an ABC of PhP1.7 million (PhP1,701,556.00);
5. 20,000 liters of IDO for the Western Mindanao Power Corporation, with an ABC of PhP0.6 million (PhP596,445.00); and
6. 240,000 liters of ELO for PB 104, with an ABC of PhP21 million (PhP 21,156,739.00).

Beginning 07 May 2015, interested parties can get a complete set of bidding documents upon payment of the nonrefundable fee amounting to PhP50,000 for PB 104's IFO procurement, PhP25,000 each for the Malaya TPP and PB 104 IDO procurements, PhP5,000 for the SPPC IDO procurement, PhP1,000 for the WMPC IDO procurement, and PhP25,000 for the ELO procurement project for PB 104.

To afford prospective bidders the opportunity to clarify their concerns on the provisions of the bidding documents, PSALM will hold a pre-bid conference on 14 May 2015, 10 a.m. at its Makati City office. Only interested parties who have purchased the Bidding Documents will be allowed to attend.

In accordance with government procurement policies, PSALM noted that bid submission for the abovementioned procurement projects shall be on or before 10:00 a.m. of 28 May 2015, to be followed by the bid opening activity at 10:30 a.m. Late bids shall not be accepted. Likewise, bids received in excess of the ABC will be rejected outright at the bid opening activity.

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