PSALM closely monitors Malaya TPP mishap

06 Feb 2013

The Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management (PSALM) Corporation is closely coordinating with operator SPC Power Corporation (SPC) regarding the mishap that occurred at the 650-megawatt (MW) Malaya Thermal Power Plant (TPP) in Pililla, Rizal, on Sunday (03 February 2013).

In a report, SPC said that the accident happened at around 1:40 p.m. when the scaffolding at the smokestack of Unit 2 of the Malaya TPP collapsed, trapping seventeen (17) workers inside the smokestack. The scaffolding materials were being installed for the repair of the inner liners of the smokestack.

SPC said that it immediately performed rescue operations together with its sub-contractor, East West Works & Industrial Services, Inc. (East West Works). The local government and National Red Cross also assisted in the rescue works. Relatives of the victims are being attended to by East West Works.

SPC's latest report said that rescuers have already pulled out all workers from the rubble, five (5) of whom had died on the spot. Twelve (12) of the workers were rushed to the hospital and are being treated for injuries.

"A PSALM team is at the Malaya TPP to monitor and assist in properly addressing this unfortunate incident. PSALM is already working with SPC to ensure that proper care, assistance, medication, and compensation shall be afforded to the affected personnel and their families. Under the terms and conditions of the operation and maintenance service contract (OMSC) it had entered into with PSALM beginning 25 October 2012, SPC shall be responsible for the general safety within the Malaya TPP," PSALM President and Chief Executive Officer Emmanuel R. Ledesma, Jr. explained.

SPC won the bidding for the one-year Malaya TPP OMSC last 27 September 2012, and commenced operations last 25 October 2012. Under the OMSC, it is the responsibility of SPC to repair the smokestack.

The Malaya TPP is being managed by PSALM, pending its privatization. The power facility consists of Unit 1, which is fitted with a 300-MW once-through type boiler, and Unit 2, which has a 350-MW conventional boiler. It was rehabilitated in 1995 by the Korea Electric Power Corporation under a 15-year rehabilitate-operate-manage-maintain agreement with the National Power Corporation.

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